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The Problem

We know your pain. This was supposed to be something that the community could handle. You have the recorded documents. Most of the owners are intelligent, caring and concerned. You have a bank, right? And your insurance is in place, isn’t it? You’ve got money in the reserve account. It certainly seems to be a lot of money. And, everyone pays his/her dues on time. Most, anyway. Maybe your water bills seem a bit high, but hey, everything’s going up.

And, you’ve had several professional “managers”. Each management company said it could do everything for you for one modest fee. But regretfully, it didn’t really work out.

If you’re reading this, you might be asking, “Isn’t there someone who knows how to help us do this right, all the time?” Well, yes. Here, at Premier Community Services (PCS) we believe we have it figured out. And, our clients seem to concur.

The Service

After serving the industry for over 20 years, here’s how we see it.
Every community association must have three support services (aside from utilities). They must have a federally insured bank, a system to collect money and pay bills, and proper insurance (so the community owners can sell their property). After that, it’s the community’s demands that dictate what else is needed – landscape work, interior maintenance, legal help, financial planning and reserve studies; maybe security, governance systems, meeting protocols, civic interaction, special repairs and long term maintenance projects. Then there’s emergency response requirements, sign work, pool maintenance, parking plans and enforcement, pet rules, bugs, weather, outdoor furniture, gates and locks, lighting…and on and on.

The Question

The question is, “What does your community really need?” And, can you have it at a price that’s acceptable? And, is it really top quality and professional, in every sense of the word? Yes, professional… and consistent?

The Answer

The answer is “Of course.” PCS offers top quality, professional, consistent management at an acceptable price.”

PCS has studied the problems, found the solutions and designed the service. Each community is special, each community is valuable. All client communities pay according to their need. No client community is too big or too small. No client is more deserving of service than another.

The Key

Here’s how it works. You have the recorded documents, we have the system.

With your permission, we do the analysis, identify the goals, adopt the plan, apply it to a contract and fulfill the agreement. The key is the analysis. What does it really take to keep the community in harmony? What reports are necessary? When do you want the reports? How many meetings are really necessary? Is there a special project coming up?

The goals are set to comply with the budget and the requirements of the association.

PCS brings all the knowledge, skills and services even the largest companies can’t deliver (See a list of services in The Basic Plan). Selected resources are assembled under the direction of a proven association professional, adopted by the board and delivered like clockwork.

The Proof

Our clients are proof that we deliver on what we promise. We would be happy to provide references to any board that is considering new management options for their association. Please contact us today for a list of references and we will be happy to provide them upon request.