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About PCS

Sue A. Barnett, AMS
Extension #104

Sue began her career in real estate in 1978 as a sales representative for a prominent Carlsbad, California firm. In just a few years she was promoted to head the property management division. Within a year she found that property management suited her desires to offer services to a retained client base. Under her direction the management division more than doubled with a varied portfolio of different types of properties. Included in the newly developed portfolio were several community associations. Sue came to recognize the HOA management offered a clear path to business development. She made a decision to open her own, one woman office offering services to local communities and selected income properties. Armed with her recently attained broker’s license, she never looked back. Due almost exclusively to referrals the community association portfolio grew at a rapid pace. With the HOA management industry in its infancy and north San Diego County ready to explode with new development, Sue sold her real estate division to concentrate on common interest properties.

Over the years Sue has expanded her portfolio to a manageable collection of quality communities, added a dedicated staff and built a reputation as a top professional in the industry.

In order to best serve the common interest industry during the current economic environment, Sue has been successful in establishing efficient management plans on behalf of many small communities who would otherwise be unable to afford professional experienced management for their communities. While other firms have expanded their service outside of the specialized community management spectrum in order to make ends meet, Premier continues to offer professional management exclusively to homeowner associations and other common interest developments.

Kristen Barnett, AMS
Senior Account Executive
Community Manager
Extension #103

While completing her studies at CSUSM, Kristen provided management support for numerous communities and supervised all escrow processing of documents as well as supervising A/R processing on behalf of PCS clients. She recently received her degree and joined PCS as a full-time community manager with an increased portfolio of long time PCS clientele. Kristen is enthusiastic about the future of common interest developments and her visions for the future of PCS and its clientele.

Kristin Bowlin
Maintenance Coordinator/Contract Supervisor
Extension #105

Kristin receives and manages all service and maintenance requests on behalf of the entire PCS community portfolio. From the time a request for service within the common area is made, Kristin maintains a log of all communications between the homeowner, vendor and assigned community manager; and continues to monitor progress of repairs and improvements through to their completion. When a request can be resolved under an existing maintenance contract, Kristin directs the vendor accordingly and follows up with the reporting member until the problem is solved. In the event a request is made that falls outside an established contractual agreement, Kristin solicits proposals from appropriate vendors and then reviews them to insure that all bids are complete and accurate. They are then forwarded to the community manager for distribution to the Board of Directors where a decision can be made. Upon acceptance of a proposal, Kristin works directly with the vendor in obtaining necessary insurance certificates and bonds as well as coordinates the approved work with affected homeowners on-site.